Children of the Green Earth

Books for the Journey

Old Growth: The Best Writing About Trees From Orion

“This book is an arboretum of essays, not showcasing ‘trees’ as a class of beings, but rather stories of interspecies relationships of an arboreal kind, as diverse in scope as trees are in leaf.” — Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Orion Magazine presents Old Growth, an anthology of essays and poems about the rich inner lives of trees.

tree planting

Children of the Green Earth

Tree Love: Street Trees and Stewardship in New York City

Prose + Photos by Matthew López-Jensen. A Photo Essay in Terrain, July 27, 2021. Honoring the street trees of New York City and their citizen pruners, who have been saving the trees since 1977.

From 1980-1995 Children of the Green Earth initiated, fostered, and connected children’s tree planting efforts in schools, youth groups.


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