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Festival of the Trees

The Festival of the Trees is a global celebration of trees and tree planting started in 1980 with participation from thousands of children in groups around the world.

The spirit of the Festival is captured by the Swahili word “Twahumwe”, meaning “pull together”. Read about past Festival activities and add your name to the list of groups dedicated to a Green Earth. Then check out the activities of RCHSS in India and the many other organizations dedicated to tree planting worldwide.

Festival of the Trees Seattle

Children of the Green Earth used the name Festival of the Trees for a decade (1984-1994) to refer to our tree plantings around the globe that brought children into connection with one another while learning about, caring for, planting and celebrating trees. Then this celebratory aspect took on a life of its own as we held actual Tree Festivals. This took the form of the ceremonial aspect of a tree planting with children to a number of festivals with adults to deepen their relationship to trees through celebrating the majesty and wonder of our green companions. We encourage you to design your own tree ceremonies. Here are some resources to inspire you in doing so.

tree plating activity of RCHSS in india

Children Of The Green Earth

Festival Activity Guide

Activity Guide for Teachers & Group Leaders

This handbook was developed as a guide for groups who were involved in the Festival of Trees.

It has lots of good information and activities.

Creating A Tree Ceremony

Heartwood: Intention:

We can enter into communion with nature through deep attention, reverence and gratitude. If we hold this intention as central in the creation of our tree ceremony, the outer form can extend from it.

Roots: Preparation For a Treeplanting:

Branches: The Ceremony Itself:

From 1980-1995 Children of the Green Earth initiated, fostered, and connected children’s tree planting efforts in schools, youth groups.

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